Senior AWS Consultant

We're not currently accepting applications for this role, but we're keeping this information available as it's likely we'll be hiring for the position of Senior AWS Consultant again in future.

Salary £79,250
Experience Level Senior
Location* Remote
Company location U.K.

* Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and the U.K.



  • Excellent work-life balance.
  • Budget for: training, co-working, certificates, and conferences.
  • Ten paid days per year for personal development.
  • Flexible working.
  • Lots of opportunities to grow.
  • Learn from an experienced engineering team.
  • Work temporarily abroad.
  • Transparent progression and salary ranges.


To be successful, you’ll have a wide breadth and depth of skill in AWS infrastructure, and real-world experience to back this up.

You’ll need to have a breadth of supporting technical skills such as knowledge of security best practices, Linux, configuration management, CI/CD pipelines, containerization, scripting, networking, and infrastructure as code. You don’t need to be experts in all these areas but will need some proficiency in them.

The role is client-facing, so you’ll have strong communication skills and the ability to translate business requirements into appropriate technical solutions.

The role

You’ll work with clients directly to review and improve their infrastructure. You will also provide clients with support and training during business hours.

Engagements generally start with a workshop with the client, where you’ll explore their goals and infrastructure. During the workshop, a backlog of tasks to be completed during the rest of the engagement is established; client involvement varies. We prefer teaching clients to fish rather than fishing for them.

Engagement length is usually measured in weeks, although we do have long-term clients. Technology choices vary from one project to the next.

We work closely with project managers (who manage client relations). Projects commonly involve solo consultants or small teams.

Who are we?

The Scale Factory is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner founded in London in 2009. We currently have 20 - 30 staff and are looking to grow. We have a reasonably flat hierarchy and many opportunities to constantly grow, learn and progress. Our company values are essential to us and are not disingenuous corporate speak. You should read about them here.

Full Details

Every day, we help teams deliver business value on the AWS cloud. We work with customers across a number of sectors, including e-commerce, media, healthcare, and fintech. The infrastructures we work with support millions of pounds of transactions every month.

Working with other Scale Factory colleagues, you’ll help our B2B SaaS customer build and operate their cloud solutions, working with their engineers to put together a foundation of good DevOps & SRE practise, helping them move faster, maintain uptime, and keep their secrets safe and secure.

Most of our customers are currently based in the UK, where we’re currently hiring in.

In this role you will:

  • Work directly with customers, understanding their business requirements
  • Build client relationships
  • Review infrastructure and processes against AWS’ frameworks and our own
  • Help to identify new sales opportunities
  • Provide recommendations and guidance on good infrastructure and DevOps practice
  • Coach and teach customers’ staff, and Scale Factory colleagues
  • Get hands-on with implementation either solo or as part of a small delivery team

This isn’t the role for you if you’re not interested in investing in communication skills. If you want to hide away from other people, and focus on cutting Terraform code or tuning RDS parameters, then our consultancy positions won’t suit you (even though we still do plenty of work on the technical side). If you’re friendly, curious, and collaborative, you’ll do well here.

Is this role not right for you? See our AWS Consultant role.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

We’re friendly and inclusive, so if you have the skills and the experience, please apply no matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, or physical ability.

More Details

We work exclusively with AWS. No other cloud platforms, no on-premises or colo infrastructure. Life’s too short to be expert at everything. Specialising in AWS means that we’ve been able to invest our learning time in developing deep expertise in that one ecosystem.

We work in a number of different ways. As we get to know you, your skills, and interests, we’ll find you the types of work you’re best suited to and enthused by. You’ll get involved in one or more of these activities:

Project Work

We work closely with our customers’ technical teams helping them design, build, and operate their B2B SaaS solutions on AWS.

Most projects start with a collaborative design workshop, where we dive deep into business goals with the customer, and work backwards from there to an appropriate technical plan. Then we either augment or support the customer’s team to get hands-on and deliver against that plan.

As an example, here are some recent projects we’ve worked on:

  • Building provisioning tools to perform a hands-off deployment of a customer’s complex SaaS platform into their enterprise clients’ own AWS accounts
  • Migrating existing web apps from a third party hosting provider to a customer’s Kubernetes platform in AWS
  • Bringing a serverless solution for taking card payments up to PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Load testing and performance tuning a SaaS platform ready for go-live
  • Architecture and design for taking an existing software product and turning it into a SaaS platform

Product Work

Some of our project activities are repeatable, and so we build them into standard consultancy offerings with senior consultants designing, defining, and documenting how these are delivered.

Our main product in this area is our B2B SaaS Foundations offering, which provides a multi-account AWS deployment managed centrally with Control Tower, and follows practices recommended by AWS and refined by us through working with hundreds of SaaS businesses.

SaaS Growth

As well as project work like this, we have ongoing support relationships with some customers - we don’t operate their infrastructure for them, but we’re available 24x7 to help their teams with anything that comes up during operation. Joining the out of hours support rota is optional and compensated.

As part of this relationship, we also build and deliver training courses on AWS and related topics.

The base salary for this role is £79,250. There are opportunities to earn more by contributing to value-add activities such as project leadership, public speaking and business change initiatives.

Individual technical excellence alone is insufficient to command this role. You’ll also need solid communications skills, business acumen, and the ability to work collaboratively as a multiplier within the organization. If you can lead a project, run a team, or take ownership and accountability for something of importance, you’ll be able to justify a higher salary.

Salary reviews take place twice a year in April and October. Reviews will take into account your progression through our career framework and any new responsibilities you’ve taken on.

To succeed at The Scale Factory you’ll need production experience working with AWS, and with Linux. If you’ve designed and built systems in AWS before, we’d like to talk to you. Experience running Kubernetes would be a bonus.

You’ll be building relationships with clients and colleagues, so you’ll need to demonstrate empathy with existing and potential customers.

You’ll need to be able to communicate well in spoken and written English. You’ll be communicating face-to-face (or on Zoom), in front of a whiteboard (possibly a digital one), and using the written word.

We operate in a high trust environment, hire smart people, and let them get on with it. Although you’ll be working in a team with a project manager, you’ll need to be able to manage your own time effectively, making space for personal development and team activities around the needs of client facing work.

For some of the work we do, you’ll need to hold the AWS Solutions Architect (Professional) certificate. If you don’t have that qualification currently, you’ll need to pass that exam during your probation period. We also strongly suggest that our consultants hold the AWS Security Specialty certificate.

Not sure if you have all the skills we’re looking for? Please apply anyway, and we’ll help you figure that out.

To be able to work successfully, you’ll need a fast, reliable, low latency internet connection (20Mbps at an absolute minimum) that you can use for video meetings on Zoom.

We have a page describing the benefits of working with us but a quick summary:

  • The Scale Factory was a remote-first business before the pandemic and will continue to be so
  • Genuinely flexible working
  • Optional fortnightly chances to meet your colleagues in person at co-working days
  • Exposure to many tools, business models, and ways of working
  • Rapid growth in valuable, useful, technical and people skills.

Here’s how our hiring process works. At every stage you’ll be speaking with people from The Scale Factory. We don’t use external recruiters as part of this process.

Different people from our team are involved at each stage. We find that a multiple stage process is less intensive, and makes it easier for people to fit their interviewing around their non-work commitments. We’ll give you the opportunity to interview outside of your regular office hours so that you don’t need to take time out of your existing job to speak with us.

We’ll do our best to move you through this process as quickly as possible.

Stage 1: Application

If you’re interested in working with us, you’ll fill out an application form, and provide a copy of your CV.

We’ll review your work history and your cover letter, to see if it looks like you have the sort of experience we’re looking for.

If your CV looks good, you’ll move on to the next stage.

Unfortunately we can’t currently sponsor work visas, so we’ll immediately disqualify you if you’re not legally eligible to work in one of our supported countries.

Stage 2: Video Call

We’ll invite you to join a 30 minute video call where you’ll have an informal chat with one of our consultants - these folks do the job you’re applying for, so you’ll be able to ask any questions you have about the role. At this stage we’ll be making sure you’re friendly and personable, and that you have some relevant experience.

If this chat goes well, we’ll invite you to participate in a technical assessment.

Stage 3: Technical Assessment

This will take place over 60 minutes on Zoom, and you’ll have access to an AWS account. You’ll play the role of a consultant who’s been asked to investigate a customer’s AWS infrastructure and provide recommendations on architecture and approach. This is representative of the type of work we do with customers in real engagements.

If we’re impressed with your technical assessment, we’ll invite you to a more formal interview.

If you don’t make it past this stage, we’ll offer you constructive feedback on your performance.

Stage 4: Formal Interview

You’ll join a call for about 90 minutes with a larger group of people from the leadership team.

In this conversation we’ll dig more deeply into your AWS experience, and ask some “tell me about a time when” style questions. We’ll also give you a customer brief and ask you to sketch a design for an AWS architecture to meet that brief, testing your architectural skills and your ability to communicate ideas in a whiteboard format. Of course you’ll also be able to ask us any questions you have at that point too.

If you’re successful, we’ll contact you after the interview with a job offer.

If not, we’ll offer you some detailed feedback on why we didn’t think you’d be a good fit.

Here’s what you can expect in your first 90 days as a Scale Factory Consultant.

Your job offer

After your successful interview, we’ll send you a formal job offer, a contract, our employee handbook, and some other policy docs.

You’ll return your signed contract, to indicate your acceptance of our job offer.

We’ll check your references, and ask you to show us some official documents showing your right to work.

Before you start

At some point ahead of your contracted start date, we’ll get a laptop sent to you so that you have this available for day one.

Day One

You’ll work with an “onboarding buddy” from the team on getting you set up with access to Google G-Suite, Zoom, and Slack so that you can meet your new colleagues on Slack for a warm Scale Factory welcome.

You’ll have access to our documentation to learn how everything works.

From your first day, you’ll have access to holiday and development day benefits, and our Employee Assistance Program.

Week One

You’ll join your delivery team, and participate in their standups and other weekly gatherings.

There’ll be at least one social event you can attend to get to know some more of your colleagues.

You’ll spend an hour with Jon, the CEO, who’ll take you through some of our company history.

You’ll write a “personal README” about yourself sharing information about yourself, your preferred working style, and your typical work schedule with the rest of the team, and you’ll have access to your colleagues’ README documents to learn more about them.

You’ll have your first formal 1:1 and establish that relationship with your manager.

Month One

Within the first month we’ll try and get you up and running on a client project, alongside other colleagues. Depending on your level of experience, we might bill the customer for your time, or we might not. Customers you work with will be made aware that you’re a new member of the team.

If you don’t yet have your Solutions Architect Professional AWS certification, you’ll start working towards that, with a view to your having passed the exam by the end of your probation period.

At some point, you’ll join a customer AWS Well-Architected review as an observer, to understand how that process works.

Month Three

The first three months act as a probation period. You’ll get regular feedback on your performance and progress over that time, and if we’re impressed with your work we may choose to pass your probation early.

At the end of month three, if you haven’t yet passed probation we may choose to extend it for another three months to give you the opportunity to prove yourself.

Once you’ve passed your probation, the full obligations of your contract come into effect (including your notice period of 3 months) and we’ll start the rest of your employee benefits at this point.

How to apply

We're not currently accepting new applicants for this role.

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