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Design AWS infrastructure

The decisions you make about the design of your infrastructure will have an impact on everything from scalability to operational costs. With an ever-evolving platform like AWS, making sure your decisions are the right ones for your business can be challenging.

One of our certified AWS solutions architects can help you assess your options, understand the implications of design decisions and design an infrastructure to support your business goals.

Trusted by AWS

We’re an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, so you know we know what we’re doing. Before focusing solely on AWS, our certified architects and engineers had many years’ experience in other cloud infrastructures and operating systems.

Our AWS infrastructure design process

Through a series of discovery workshops, we build our understanding of your applications and their dependencies, and map these to a design targeting AWS.

We take into account your security and compliance requirements, and help you think about availability, performance and cost.

The design process:

  • Is run by an experienced AWS certified solutions architect
  • Involves stakeholders and product teams at every stage
  • Includes facilitated workshops for collaboration across teams
  • Delivers solution diagrams and supporting documents
  • Is a fixed-price engagement

Your final AWS infrastructure design

Your final AWS infrastructure design is:

  • Informed by the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Designed with operations, security, cost, performance, and reliability in mind
  • Scalable: it can be rapidly scaled up or down to match demand and minimise usage-based fees. Automation tooling lets you provision servers and configure developer environments in seconds.
  • Secure: built on good security practices and matches your IT security posture, be it medium or high. Encryption, user ID management, authentication, automated security testing, intruder detection and logging are all taken care of.
  • Easy to manage: provisioning, configuring, monitoring, testing and backups are all automated.
  • Designed for availability: your environments are located and replicated in the availability zones that best serve your end-users and fulfil any data sovereignty or compliance requirements. You’re using proven technologies that give you a dependable foundation for your operations.
  • Designed to support DevOps, continuous delivery and site reliability engineering best practices.

At the end of the design process, your team will have a solid understanding of what to build, and how to go about doing it.

Optional engineering support for the build

If you want support in building the infrastructure, one of our AWS certified engineers can work with your team through the build process. This way you know the infrastructure is built correctly, you have AWS experience on hand, and your team can learn on the job.

We offer longer-term support through our Support Subscription.

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