What You Get.

A performance strategy review.

We'll deliver a workshop to discuss your performance & scalability strategy.

  • Define performance and scalability goals
  • Identify KPIs, SLAs, and metrics
  • Determine expected traffic and growth
  • Discuss any historical scalability related outages

A performance audit of your estate.

Our solutions architects will review your AWS environments.

  • Identify quick wins
  • Check that autoscaling is set up correctly
  • Assess whether resource sizing matches requirements
  • Establish whether data store performance is an issue
  • Identify opportunities for caching
  • ...and more

A performance optimisation report.

Our report will include:

  • An executive summary
  • Quick wins for improving scalability
  • Recommendations for longer term improvements / modernisation
  • Monitoring and observability recommendations

How does it work?

Our experienced team will quickly identify potential improvements and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations.



We'll start with an introductory call and arrange on-boarding for our experts. We'll then run a short discovery session, talking with your team to uncover information that we can't gather just by looking at your AWS environments.


Hands-on audit.

We'll follow up the discovery with a hands-on performance and scalability review of your AWS environments.



Once the hands-on audit is complete we'll produce a comprehensive report with recommendations for quick wins, longer term improvements, and any monitoring gaps you have.