Cloud infrastructure built to scale

We empower technology teams to deliver more with the AWS Cloud.

How we can help you

Establish a cloud infrastructure that is stable, scalable and secure

Audit & Optimise

Fix problems, fine-tune your performance, and clarify your operational situation.

Secure & Comply

Make sure your infrastructure complies with industry standards and guidelines.

Design & Build

Create an infrastructure that supports your approach and your business priorities.

Maintain & Support

Keep your infrastructure optimised and secure, without adding to your headcount.

With only six weeks to launch, we needed a reliable team to support us and I knew that The Scale Factory could give us best in class service

Having experienced AWS experts taking care of scaling out our infrastructure gave me confidence that we’d be able to hit our launch date, and meant that the development team could focus on building feature improvements instead.

Ed Stafford

CTO, heycar

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We were effectively operating as a startup company within Distilled and had to ensure we spent our budget in the most effective way. The Scale Factory were able to leverage their ReadyScale solution to build our infrastructure extremely quickly.

Hiring an operations specialist would have cost us more in salary and other costs than hiring The Scale Factory, and with The Scale Factory we got a whole team!

Tom Anthony

Head of Research & Development, Distilled

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