How does one of the world’s largest travel technology companies migrate to Amazon Web Services? Before you can even think about building your cloud infrastructure, there are dozens of critical design choices to be made. We’ve been supporting one of Expedia’s successful travel technology brands to make the transition.

The Challenge

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is Expedia Inc.’s B2B partnership brand. They provide the tools that underpin many of Expedia’s other brands including Expedia, and trivago.

DevOps principles have enabled them to remain market leaders in the industry, with around 600 code releases a year. Until recently though, the sheer volume of daily traffic had made on-premise hosting the most cost-effective option. Keen to benefit from the agility of a public cloud, they decided to migrate their successful operations into AWS. Although they have deep operations and DevOps engineering experience, they didn’t have the depth of knowledge about cloud infrastructure that they felt they needed.

Our Role

EAN contacted us initially to help them evaluate their options and make decisions about the design of their infrastructure and migrating to the cloud. They’d done extensive research into cloud infrastructure, but needed deep experience to help them understand the implications of the choices they had to make.

One of our principal consultants provided this. They worked closely with the operations team, answering questions and making design suggestions. They also ran a number of workshops with EAN developers to explore and explain the different design options and how they could make it work. We then provided EAN with two DevOps engineers. They’re currently embedded in different teams, helping to build the new EAN cloud infrastructure.

The Results

EAN has made all the critical cloud infrastructure design decisions to progress to the build. Considering the scale of their operations, this in itself is an achievement. Although EAN is not using the ReadyScale platform design, their infrastructure is designed to support DevOps best practice. As such, our experienced engineers are able to save their teams time by sharing our proven approaches on everything from tooling to security.