Set your applications free.

Moving your existing applications to the cloud couldn't be easier. With AWS and The Scale Factory you'll have the organisational, operational and technical capabilities you need for a painless migration. Unmatched experience meets proven solutions.

Reduce costs

With over a million active global customers, AWS is a safe choice, and with potential infrastructure cost savings of 20%, the business case almost writes itself. Enjoy more efficient workloads and labour-saving managed services.

Increase flexibility

On premises setups must be provisioned for peak capacity, and that is a real waste. Cloud hosting solutions, on the other hand, are elastic. Simply add capacity to the workload to handle an increase in demand, and reduce it again when traffic slows. No waste.

Improve resiliency

Reliability, redundancy, and resiliency is mission critical these days. Luckily, when workloads are in the cloud, you can take advantage of multiple availability zones, automatic failover, and the automatic replacement of failed resources.

Better solutions

Once a legacy application is in the cloud, you can start to introduce new features and take advantage of new services straight away, giving you increased business agility, quicker software development and more competitive products.

New markets

Traditional on premises infrastructure setups can be limiting for a growing business, maybe even restricting operations to just one country or a single region. With the cloud though, storing data in multiple locations is a cinch.

Productive staff

With a modern cloud hosting infrastructure on AWS, unproductive staff can become super efficient teams. Managed services do all the heavy lifting. Fewer people can manage more resources, so your workforce can focus on the things that matter most.