Get Ahead with The Scale Factory

Our consultants have years of experience with AWS, and most hold certifications in Solutions Architecture and Security.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Learn from AWS experts whether you could save money, use your engineering hours more efficiently, or improve security, reliability, or performance.

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Backup Services

Centralised backup services to protect your business delivered at fixed cost

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Container Platform Packages

Tried and tested container solutions based on AWS Fargate and Kubernetes (AWS EKS).

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Deep-dive Reviews

Ensure that you’re getting the most out of AWS with an expert review.

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Hands-on training. From the AWS SaaS Specialists.

Learn from the experts on key topics.

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Incident simulations

Prepare your team, so that they’re ready to respond to an incident, with a simulation or gameday.

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SaaS Foundations

Solid AWS foundations for your SaaS business, leveraging AWS Control Tower to provide good operations and security practices, all delivered at fixed cost.

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Bespoke Projects

Accelerate your project with our expert team.

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Load Testing

How do you know whether your SaaS platform will stand up to customer demand? We’ll test your AWS infrastructure.

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Migration Assessment

Work with the experts to design your cloud migration project, and understand how adopting AWS will benefit your business.

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Technical Hiring Support

Ensure that you hire the right candidate with technical interviews from the AWS experts.

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Free Healthcheck

Get an expert review of your AWS platform, focused on your business priorities.

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Discover how we can help you.

Consulting packages

Advice, engineering, and training, solving common SaaS problems at a fixed price.

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Growth solutions

Complete AWS solutions, tailored to the unique needs of your SaaS business.

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Support services

An ongoing relationship, providing access to our AWS expertise at any time.

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