Future-proof your platform.

High performing infrastructure is mission critical for any SaaS business. With AWS and The Scale Factory you’ll have access to the skills, tools, and expertise you need to ensure your platform is fully optimised to meet the demands of your users today, and the needs of your business tomorrow.

Performance objectives

Whether you care most about latency, response times, or uptime, you'll want to set ambitious performance targets for your SaaS platform. At a minimum, you'll need to ensure that your infrastructure always meets the service levels agreed with your customers.

Competitive advantage

Having an infrastructure solution that's fully optimised isn't just about hitting internal performance targets. If your SaaS platform is slow, unresponsive or unavailable, then your users will get frustrated and may start looking for alternatives. Outperforming your competitors can give you a real edge.

Growth planning

Your SaaS business will have aggressive growth plans, and that naturally means more users. But to remain confident that your platform can handle the target volumes, you'll need to take capacity planning and load testing to the next level. And that's where we can really help.

Technical architecture

Optimising the performance and scalability of your infrastructure starts with having the right architecture. And that means selecting resource types and sizes optimised for your workload requirements, monitoring your performance, and maintaining efficiency as the needs of your business evolve.

Performance analysis

Developing systems for monitoring and analysing performance is crucial. To ensure your infrastructure is fully optimised and can scale rapidly without degrading operational performance, you'll need the ability to identify bottlenecks and underperforming resources as they occur.

Continuous review

With the constant release of new AWS machine types and services, performance optimisation is never going to be something you can just set and forget. It needs to be an ongoing process of review and analysis that ensures your SaaS platform is always running optimally.