What You Get.

A review of your documentation.

Our AWS disaster recovery experts will review your disaster recovery plans.

  • Identify any gaps in your processes and procedures
  • Ensure that the recovery objectives set are achievable

A simulation to test your team and processes.

Our team will facilitate a recovery exercise in a non-production environment.

  • Remain compliant
  • Test your processes and procedures with a real world scenario
  • Monitor how your team performs

A disaster response readiness report.

Our comprehensive disaster response readiness report will include:

  • Executive summary
  • An recovery timeline and a summary of how your team performed
  • Recommendations for improvement

How does it work?

Our AWS experts will facilitate a disaster recovery exercise with your team.



We'll brief your key stakeholders on the disaster scenario and review your disaster recovery plans ahead of time.


Disaster simulation.

Our team will facilitate a recovery exercise, monitor how your team performs, how your processes work, and measure against your recovery objectives.


Disaster response readiness.

Once the exercise is complete we'll compile a comprehensive report with a summary of how your processes performed, whether or not you met your objectives, and where you can improve.