What You Get.

Project plan.

We'll scope out your project with a workshop.

  • Translate your business and technical requirements into a solution design
  • Head off any potential issues by sounding out ideas with our team
  • Develop an engineering project backlog and identify key milestones

Hands-on execution.

We'll embed our experts into your organisation.

  • The right skills plugged into your organisation to execute the project plan
  • Light touch or dedicated support from our project management team

How does it work?

Our team will work with you to plan your project and then we'll execute that plan.



We'll run a deep dive workshop to uncover both business and technical requirements, identify key milestones and objectives, and produce a high level project plan.



We'll create a virtual team with one or more of our experts and your own staff. We'll work together to execute the plan and regularly report on progress to your key stakeholders.



You'll have the option to roll on to one of our support plans, so that you continue to get advice from our team, and help with troubleshooting.