What You Get.

Centralised Management

AWS Control Tower and related services provide:

  • Workload Isolation
  • AWS Account Management
  • AWS IAM Identity Center setup
  • Centralised Billing & Budgets
  • Centralised Audit Logging
  • Threat Detection & Alerting
  • Security Guardrails
  • Infrastructure as Code

Optional Extras

We can optionally provide other features:

Compliance Readiness

Use this foundation to build out your security practice, providing groundwork to help meet the goals of:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2
  • Other industry specific compliance frameworks

How does it work?

You'll benefit from our experience deploying AWS Control Tower for other SaaS businesses.


Design & Planning Workshop.

We'll work to understand how your business is organised, and how you use AWS today. We'll talk about how this will likely evolve as you scale, and this will inform aspects of the solution design.



We'll deploy AWS Control Tower, customised for your business, along with any optional extras you've selected.



We'll demo the solution, provide documentation, and run training for your team on how to get the most out of your new AWS Control Tower deployment.



We include a minimum of 3 months support for this solution.

To level up your AWS practice, get in touch

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