Compliance Unlocks Growth.

Complying with the regulations in force in your chosen markets and jurisdictions is more than just a box-ticking exercise. It can help to streamline the sales process, and open up new business opportunities that would otherwise be closed off to you.

Improve security

When you're focusing on your latest product release and revenue target, it can be easy for non-functional requirements such as security to take a back seat. But this can often be a real blocker when trying to land enterprise sales.

Demonstrate reliability

Many large sales opportunities come in the form of a request for information (RFI) or a request for proposal (RFP), often run by a non-technical purchasing team. You'll need to prove the security of your operation and the robustness of your data handling just to get a seat at the table.

Accelerate sales

Putting all the paperwork together to respond to a formal RFI or RFP can be a massive burden to senior leaders and a distraction from more strategic goals and issues. Complying with the relevant regulations means this can be done much quicker,speeding up the process.

ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that establishes requirements for an information security management system. Meeting the requirements of this standard can help your buyers trust that you can keep their financial, intellectual property and employee information secure.


SOC 2 is the System and Organization Controls (SOC) for service organisations and includes a number of audit reports that provide evidence that a company conforms to the standards they've set for themselves. SOC 2 is often used to report on compliance with ISO 27001 standards.

Customer data

From regional regulations like HIPAA and GDPR to international standards like PCI DSS, protecting your customer data is now a business imperative. With their shared responsibility model, AWS can help keep your data safe and your organisation compliant.