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  • The Scale Factory, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, is a cloud infrastructure consultancy based in London, UK. Their team of experienced consultants works to deliver well-architected cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes across a range of market sectors.

Writing Conventions

Always include “The” when using the company‚Äôs full name as a noun:

  • Cloud consultancy, The Scale Factory, is based in London.

When using the company name as an adjective, you either leave out or use a lower case “the”:

  • It was built by Scale Factory engineers.
  • Scale Factory CEO, Jon Topper, attended the event.
  • As part of the work, the Scale Factory team led a one-day workshop.

(If you can remove “Scale Factory”, but still require “the” for the sentence to make sense, then “the” should be written in the lower case.)


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