Business Benefits.

Increase revenue, save costs, and reduce time to market.


Migrating to the cloud unlocks the ability for development teams to move faster, with a 37.1% reduction in time-to-market for new products and services, and a 342.5% increase in code deployment frequency when also adopting DevOps practices*.


The AWS platform provides security automation tools to help you prevent, detect, respond to, and remediate security issues. Customers see a 34.2% decrease in security incidents when migrating to the cloud*.


AWS customers achieve an average of 27.4% reduction in infrastructure spend per user compared to on-premises IT*. Well Architected solutions use the elastic capabilities of the cloud to ensure you only pay for the resources you're using.


Built correctly, cloud solutions are more reliable than on-premises equivalent, going wrong less often, and recovering faster when problems do occur. On average, customers see a reduction in total incidents of 24.1%, mean time to resolution (MTTR) reduce by 39.3%*

Global Scale

AWS provide the most extensive and reliable global cloud infrastructure on the planet, serving 87 availability zones across 27 regions, with 7 more regions coming soon. Deploy applications near your users for performance and data sovereignty benefits.

* Figures from AWS Cloud Value Benchmarking whitepaper.
† As at September 2022

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