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Built To Comply With PCI DSS

Cloud infrastructures give our ecommerce clients many advantages when it comes to scalability, global availability, and cutting resource usage costs. It does take experience to connect all the components of a cloud hosting service into a secure system that’s PCI DSS compliant and supports continuous delivery. Hiring someone with that experience proved to be a challenge for many of the clients we now work with.

Using our ReadyScale platform design as a foundation, we’ve helped them migrate or to set up on AWS within a few months, and trained their in-house operations people (or person) to manage everything that’s needed day to day.

To keep control of operations costs, each infrastructure has been designed around client priorities, rather than just by ticking off a list of standard practices or features. Clients know that what they have is PCI DSS compliant, will support DevOps best practice, and does everything possible to protect their brand from the damage that a security breach could cause.