Online learning and development provider Learnerbly has laid the groundwork for future growth with help from The Scale Factory and AWS. Using AWS, Learnerbly has been able to improve its compliance and security, take control of its production environment, and cut its developer onboarding time to seconds.

How Learnerbly Created a Platform for Growth with The Scale Factory and AWS

Businesses everywhere want to attract the best talent, and one way to do that is by offering great learning and development opportunities. But how can businesses quickly and easily deliver great training programs?

Learnerbly is a workplace learning platform that inspires people to learn and grow at over 100 of the world’s most progressive businesses. It curates content from more than 200 providers, connecting employees to what they want to learn based on how they like to learn. Using personal learning budgets, Learnerbly is democratizing access to learning, unleashing potential, and transforming learners into the people they want to be.

Founded just four years ago, UK-based Learnerbly is a fast-growing startup. When it was created, it needed a technology system that was reliable and fast but also easy to maintain. To lay a solid foundation for future growth and take the next step in its journey, Learnerbly needed to choose the right cloud solution. AWS was the perfect choice.

A Platform That Just Works

“In setting up our business, we didn’t want to be distracted by the nuts and bolts of our technology platform. Instead, we wanted to focus on what’s important—having the freedom to solve problems for our customers without worrying about infrastructure,” says Tobias Otte, Learnerbly’s chief technology officer.

Learnerbly’s success means it is growing fast, working with increasingly large clients that demand robust security compliance from their suppliers.

The company’s growth also means expanding its development team, bringing on new developers, and managing many developer accounts at the same time.

The Scale Factory Delivers the Vision

To get the maximum benefit from AWS, Learnerbly sought help from AWS Advanced Consulting Partner The Scale Factory, which used its AWS Control Tower for SaaS solution to help Learnerbly adopt a number of new AWS services. The solution is centered around AWS Control Tower, helping Learnerbly provision new development accounts quickly and easily, reducing the time taken to onboard new developers.

For security, The Scale Factory has also implemented AWS Backup and Amazon GuardDuty, to help Learnerbly move closer to ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliance.

Amazon GuardDuty monitors security events and offers a clean and simple traffic-light system that alerts security staff to anything that needs attention. AWS Control Tower offers preventative and detective guardrails to identify breaches of the company’s security policy. Together, Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Control Tower give Learnerbly a single pane of glass to monitor all security events.

Learnerbly also wanted to add a recommendation feature to help guide clients towards their next training course. Using Amazon Personalize and a machine- learning model, Learnerbly has implemented the feature with incredible economy of time and resources. “Usually, this would have taken a team of machine learning experts months to complete. But with Amazon Personalize, it’s taken two weeks with one engineer. It’s saved us so much time and expense,” says Otte.

An Infrastructure Transformed

The Scale Factory and AWS have transformed Learnerbly’s infrastructure, meaning the company is well-placed to continue its fast-paced growth with confidence.

“We’re going to be adding up to 10 people in the next six months, so we needed to be ready. What’s more, the security features are working: we’ve had zero security incidents since we started to use AWS,” says Otte.

Only two employees have production access privileges at Learnerbly, but the company occasionally needs to grant access to other developers. This process used to take half an hour, now it happens at the click of a button. “Now we can onboard developers in seconds. Everything is so much easier and quicker,” says Otte.

What Learnerbly said...

We really enjoying working with The Scale Factory. They helped us navigate the huge range of AWS services available.

In setting up our business, we didn’t want to be distracted by the nuts and bolts of our technology platform. Instead, we wanted to focus on what’s important—having the freedom to solve problems for our customers without worrying about infrastructure

Developing for the Future

Learnerbly is well-placed to accommodate its future growth plans. Its main focus over the coming two years is an expansion into the US market. Using AWS and The Scale Factory, it has the capacity it needs to do just that.

As for working with AWS and The Scale Factory, Otte has nothing but positive comments:

“AWS allowed us to move faster, taking the burden away from us. There’s never been any downtime. We’ve been able to scale without any of the classic scaling issues you might expect.”

“AWS helps us focus on clients instead of focusing on tech problems. It just works.”

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