Project Manager

We're not currently accepting applications for this role, but we're keeping this information available as it's likely we'll be hiring for the position of Project Manager again in future.

Salary £55,000 to £65,000
Experience Level 5+ Years
Location* Remote
Company location U.K.

* Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and the U.K.

We’re looking for a capable project manager to join The Scale Factory team. Projects at the Scale Factory cover a range of sizes and industries, with a focus around delivering tailored and value-matched AWS Cloud infrastructure. You’ll be responsible for the organisation, delivery, and quality management of the projects run by the Scale Factory, and for maintaining ongoing relationships with our customers.

In this role you will

  • Build and hold the relationship with our customers
  • Lead discussions around requirements and scoping
  • Manage all project stages - on-boarding, ramp up, delivery, communication, handover and off-boarding
  • Work with the team to set the agenda for Delivery and Design sessions with customers and facilitate those discussions
  • Agree the project plan and deliverables with the Scale Factory Technical Lead and Customer
  • Create and maintain project documentation
  • Ongoing monitoring of projects including the facilitation of collaboration and tracking success
  • Running project rituals (stand ups, retrospectives etc)
  • Ensuring the profitability of fixed price projects
  • Managing the project closure process and working with the sales team to get feedback and testimonials
  • Coaching the team on project organisation and communication
  • Developing team skills and feeding into the formal staff review process

This is a dynamic role, and requires a Project Manager that can think on their feet, deal with potential chaos, while also being able to effectively plan and deliver on that plan. You will not always have the opportunity to prepare in depth ahead of time, since the creation of the project plan and deliverables is often done in collaboration with our technical team and the Customer team. You will be at the forefront of our communication with customers, as well as a driving force for progress and improvement within the team.

We don’t expect you to have AWS specific experience, but you will need enough project management experience to be able to hit the ground running, as well as enough of an understanding of Dev/Ops processes to be able to follow the project progress at a high level. If you’re familiar with terms like: Front end, UAT, Infrastructure as code, Deployment Pipelines, Sandbox, Production; and generally understand where they sit in the Dev/Ops landscape then you should do fine. You won’t be implementing the technologies, but you do need to generally understand them enough to speak with Customers about their goals and help the Scale Factory team prioritise. As part of your first few months with us, we’ll build your understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

We’re friendly and inclusive, so if you have the skills and the experience, please apply no matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, or physical ability.

More Details

Our company is split into a number of Delivery Teams, and the Project Manager works with the Team Lead to ensure the success of the projects within that Delivery Team. You’ll establish with that Team Lead the best way to work together and below are some of the regular tasks that you might find yourself doing:

  • Being a Sounding board for an engineer ahead of a presentation to a client and coaching them to organise their thoughts
  • Running/facilitating project rituals (stand ups, retrospectives etc)
  • Organising and prioritising the backlog of work
  • Working with the Team Lead to understand gaps in knowledge and improvement opportunities
  • Bringing and facilitating topics for the Consultancy Study Group, where we work through things with the company-wide group of engineers such as communication skills, active listening, conflict management, etc
  • Giving continual feedback to engineers on their work during the project

The types of customer engagements we have are

Project work

We work closely with our customers’ technical teams helping them design, build, and operate their B2B SaaS solutions on AWS.

Most projects start with a collaborative design workshop, where we dive deep into business goals with the customer, and work backwards from there to an appropriate technical plan. Then we either augment or support the customer’s team to get hands-on and deliver against that plan.

Product Work

Some of our project activities are repeatable, and so we build them into standard consultancy offerings with senior consultants designing, defining, and documenting how these are delivered.

Support & Learning

As well as project work like this, we have ongoing support relationships with some customers - we don’t operate their infrastructure for them, but we’re available 24x7 to help their teams with anything that comes up during operation.

As part of this relationship, we also build and deliver training courses on AWS and related topics.

The salary range listed is an indicative range for UK employees.

Our offer to you will take into account your experience (benchmarked against our existing team), and your location.

On top of length of experience, we take into account a number of key skill areas that we’d like you to demonstrate during the interview such as: Leadership skills, flexibility of approach, business acumen, collaborative working ability, communication and facilitation skills, and general ownership/responsibility.

Salary reviews take place at least annually, in either April or October, depending on your start date. Reviews will take into account your progression through our career framework, and any new responsibilities you’ve taken on.

To Succeed as a Project Manager at the Scale Factory, you will need strong experience in project management within a Digital environment as well as good experience in facilitation and goal setting.

You will own the relationships with clients and the wellbeing and productivity of your Delivery Team, so you’ll need to demonstrate empathy and problem solving skills with a good emphasis on collaboration, alongside the ability to make firm decisions as needed.

You’ll need to be able to communicate well in spoken and written English. You’ll be communicating face-to-face (or on Zoom), in front of a whiteboard (possibly a digital one), and using the written word.

We operate in a high trust environment, hire smart people and let them get on with it, so you’ll need to be able to manage your own time effectively. You’ll be reporting to the Head of Delivery at regular intervals on how your Team is doing, but you’ll have responsibility for the success of that team.

You’ll need to hold a recognised Project Management qualification, such as Prince 2 Practitioner, APM PMQ, etc, and ensure that you maintain that qualification as you work with us.

If you aren’t sure that you have all the skills we’re looking for, but this role sounds like a good stepping point up from where you are now, please apply anyway and we’ll help you figure that out.

To be able to work successfully, you’ll need a fast, reliable, low latency internet connection (20Mbps at an absolute minimum) that you can use for video meetings on Zoom.

Here’s how our hiring process works. At every stage you’ll be speaking with people from The Scale Factory. We don’t use external recruiters as part of this process. We’ll give you the opportunity to interview outside of your regular office hours if needed so that you don’t need to take time out of your existing job to speak with us. We’ll do our best to move you through this process as quickly as possible.

Our hiring process consists of three stages.

Stage 1: Application

If you’re interested in working with us, you’ll fill out an application form, and provide a copy of your CV.

We’ll review your work history and your cover letter, to see if it looks like you have the sort of experience we’re looking for.

If your CV looks good, you’ll move on to the next stage.

Unfortunately we can’t currently sponsor work visas, so we’ll immediately disqualify you if you’re not legally eligible to work in the UK.

Stage 2: Video Call

We’ll invite you to join a 30 minute video call where you’ll have a chat with one of our Senior Project Managers - these folks have done the job you’re applying for, so you’ll be able to ask any questions you have about the role. At this stage we’ll be making sure you’re friendly and personable, that you have relevant experience, and that you are a good value match for the company. You can find our values here.

Stage 3: Formal Interview

You’ll join a call for about 60 minutes with a larger group of people from the leadership team.

In this call we’ll start with a Project scenario that we’ll provide you 1-2 days in advance of the session. This scenario will be a trimmed down version of the Design and Scoping Workshop session that we have at the beginning of most of our projects. You’re not expected to prepare heavily for this session aside from familiarising yourself with the scenario and we will give you more detail during the session itself. We use this semi-role play session to have a more solid and practical understanding of your approach to the Project Management process and communication style. We’re also looking for how you deal with uncertainty and your ability to bring structure and draw out relevant details during a scoping session with a client.

If you’re successful, we’ll contact you after the interview with a job offer.

If not, we’ll offer you some detailed feedback on why we didn’t think you’d be a good fit.

How to apply

We're not currently accepting new applicants for this role.

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