Deploying a complex application onto highly secure infrastructures over which you have little control brings with it unique challenges. Every time you do it the systems, access and security features are different. We supported the foreign exchange trading technology company, MahiFX™, in developing complex automation to do the job reliably.

The Challenge

In 2013, MahiFX™ was developing a proprietary forex trading engine for banks and other financial institutions. The challenge was how to deploy what would be a highly sophisticated application into secure and diverse banking infrastructures in a way that was reliable as well as time- and cost-effective. Each system would be different, with it’s own set of security and access controls. Physical access to any servers would be impossible, and everything would need to satisfy financial compliance regimes.

Our Role

We started working with MahiFX™ in 2012 when they were preparing to launch their first product, an online trading platform. With an astute operational team already in place, they needed skilled DevOps engineers to help them implement their secure cloud infrastructure design. We had the skills and the experience they needed, and provided extra hands on demand.

With their new institutional product, MFX Compass,it was our experience in automation that was most useful to them. We developed tooling and automation that made and tested assumptions about each client’s system, deployed the application, and then ran a series of tests to make sure everything was working as it should be.

What MahiFX™ said...

The Scale Factory fitted the bill perfectly

In the busy/stressful period around our retail platform’s launch they were able to quickly integrate into our existing DevOps team and pick up a lot of our infrastructural tasks, allowing us to ensure that we had a rock-solid infrastructure in place from day one.

The Results

MFX Compass launched in 2014, and since then the company has launched another successful product. We continue to work with them, our engineers adding to their in-house team when needed.

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