Within two years of launching in 2012, LoveCrafts had customers in 100 countries around the world. The company’s model revolved around building communities of makers. As these communities expanded and orders for craft supplies and patterns grew with them, LoveCrafts’ infrastructure began to give them performance problems. They came to us in 2014 to get to the bottom of the issues they were having.

What LoveCrafts said...

ReadyScale provides an excellent base architecture for a variety of workloads. Most of the components have easy to understand, ready to use configurations that can get you up and running in a very short time.

The Scale Factory’s support since we migrated to ReadyScale has been good. They’ve helped us make things more reliable. Our incident call-outs are at an all time low! This has meant we’ve been able to focus on new development and improvements with a small team - we’ve been calling this “Lean DevOps”.

I would definitely recommend considering ReadyScale to any company looking at starting afresh or to improve their infrastructure.

We wouldn’t be where we are now without The Scale Factory’s help. They worked closely with our development and operations teams to make our applications cloud ready, no mean feat given the wide range of technologies in use.

ReadyScale gives us confidence to push forward with scaling up the ecommerce side of the business and adding new community features. That confidence is important to us - we are a fast-moving company and it’s great not having any headaches around infrastructure.

We’re really happy that we’ve got The Scale Factory working with us, they’re a great team, and they help us work more efficiently.

The Challenge

In 2014, LoveCrafts’ infrastructure was struggling to meet demand. They were experiencing performance issues, and they were finding that the traditional managed hosting providers they were using were uneconomical and restrictive. Their developers were constantly troubleshooting, with little time left to develop new features.

They needed an infrastructure that would make sure that [] and [] performed reliably for customers around the world. Any solution would need to support their complex heterogeneous environment with multiple languages, and their Windows ERP platform. It would also need to scale to support the development of sites for other crafts in the future.

Our Role

We started by working with the LoveCrafts team to do a root cause analysis of their performance issues. To resolve their existing issues and position them for future growth, it was agreed that the ReadyScale platform design would work well. It took approximately three months to set up and migrate their system to the new platform. During this time we worked closely with the development team to improve the architecture of their applications so that they would perform better on the new platform.

The Results

ReadyScale allowed developers to focus on developing new features, and let the company scale up their ecommerce activity. With the new architecture just a month old, LoveCrafts developed and launched a new marketplace to comply with complex EU tax changes. While their competitors all struggled to find solutions to the accommodate the new legislation, the ReadyScale platform design let LoveCrafts make the necessary changes fast and safely. LoveCrafts’ makers were able to continue selling patterns in compliance with new EU rules as soon as they came into effect.

We’re still working with LoveCrafts, supporting them with routine maintenance and helping to resolve new challenges as they continue to grow and develop.