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Business Continuity

Many companies have been affected by coronavirus, or could be in future. If you’re an AWS customer and experiencing business impact, we’re here to help.

We’re a UK based AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, with an experienced team of solutions architects who are already very accustomed to working remotely.

Cost Review / Reduction

If your revenues have been impacted by the current measures, you may be looking to trim some of your costs - particularly as the dollar has become more expensive.

If the traffic levels to your platform have reduced, your AWS spend may be an obvious target for cost reduction - especially if your bill is usually $5,000/month or higher.

Our AWS Cost Review service will help you understand how to reduce those costs.

Scaling / Performance Consultancy

Some businesses are seeing increased platform demand (e.g. remote learning tools, online groceries), or can expect an increase in traffic once the lockdown is over (e.g. travel companies).

If you’re struggling to stay available under the new demand, we can help with Performance Tuning

If you think future demand might be high, we can help with some Operational Event Planning.

Operational Continuity

We know from our Well-Architected reviews that many teams rely on a single individual for their AWS and DevOps expertise. Now might be the time to think about continuity planning in case that individual falls ill or becomes unavailable because they’re caring for family.

We have a support offering that will give you additional cover should that happen, with our AWS experts available on Slack and on Zoom to support your other tech team members in keeping things ticking over. The best time to put such an arrangement in place is before you need it - so that we have the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with your platform, under the guidance of your subject matter expert.

Read more about our Support Subscription.

Other Help

If you need some help, but you’re not sure what that looks like yet, get in touch for a chat:

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