AWS Cloud

Reduce operational risk

Are you launching a new product or expecting unprecedented spikes in traffic on your AWS infrastructure? Do you want to know you have a solid response for when things outside of your control don’t go according to plan?

We can help you minimise the risks of things going wrong, and maximise the speed at which you can fix them if they do.

Planning for Disaster Recovery

Do you have a complete picture of the risks to your system if something unexpectedly stops working? Are you confident in your plan for dealing with it? We perform detailed reviews of infrastructure and applications to assess what might happen in the event of a disaster, and how you can recover as quickly as possible.

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Operational Event Planning

How prepared are you for the launch of your new product, or the impact of a national marketing campaign? How will your system cope with increased demand? Where are the bottlenecks and the potential weaknesses?

Ahead of a big event, we can review your infrastructure to understand and mitigate risks. We prioritise fixes, and ensure your monitoring is up to the task and you’re prepared if you do need to respond to any incidents.

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