AWS Cloud

Modernise infrastructure

As the AWS platform evolves, it can be hard to keep up while operating your existing system. Some of AWS’ newer services can free up a considerable amount of engineering time. But deciding on what changes could be the most valuable and adopting them can feel daunting.

Whether it’s migrating EC2 workloads to containers or serverless, or moving on to a more flexible database product, we can advise you, train your teams, or do the work for you.

Start with a Well-Architected review

We’re one of a handful of UK partners qualified to run AWS Well-Architected reviews against the Well-Architected Framework used by Amazon’s own field solutions architects.

AWS currently has funding available to make certain improvements, which is another reason this review is the best place to start if you want to modernise your infrastructure.

Modernise to match business priorities

The AWS Well-Architected review is just a starting point. We’re told we often ask unexpected questions when we assess cloud infrastructure. Many of our questions are non-technical. They relate to your constraints, your budgets, your team, your proposed growth and how you operate.

By understanding these we can recommend and prioritise relevant changes that cut costs and make sure your infrastructure gives you greater value.

Assess infrastructure against best practice

Besides assessing your infrastructure against the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we also assess it against DevOps and site reliability engineering best practices and industry standards. We consider all aspects of your existing infrastructure and how it’s set up, including:

  • Server provisioning and configuration management
  • Unit, integration and acceptance testing
  • Backup procedures
  • Security patching, security testing and intrusion detection
  • User ID management
  • Logging and reporting
  • Monitoring server availability and resource usage
  • Monitoring application performance data
  • Capacity planning.

A plan of action

The outcome of this consultation will be a clear list of prioritised recommendations. What you should do and why.

To make them happen, we can second one of engineers to work with your team on implementing the changes, and run relevant training workshops to give your engineers the knowledge they need to integrate the new tools and services.