Cloud Infrastructure

Design & Build

As DevOps specialists, we design scalable cloud infrastructures to support business priorities. Over the years, we’ve designed them for tiny startups and large companies. What all these infrastructures have in common is that they use stable technologies and are built around DevOps principles to support continuous delivery.

We can advise your in-house operations team on the best design and build practices, or we can design and build your infrastructure for you. All of our knowledge and best practice has been codified and tested in our ReadyScale platform design, which we use as the foundation for all our builds.

Why Use Us To Design And Build Your InfrasTructure?

Our clients come to us for different reasons and with very different priorities.

Established companies usually want to:

  • Migrate to a public cloud hosting environment (like Amazon Web Services)
  • Move to a system that supports continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Use less resource on operations management
  • Give global users a better service
  • Gain more control over infrastructure
  • Cut system running costs, or
  • Meet specific compliance regimes.

Startups with limited funds also want some of these things, but they most often need to:

  • Build a stable infrastructure within a tight budget that will scale to support projected growth
  • Be fully operational in less than three months.
  • The infrastructures we design let you achieve any or all of these things. They give you the foundation to realise all the standard benefits of DevOps: rapid deployment, built in quality and security checks, shorter change lead times, and lower change failure rates.

Our Approach To Designing Infrastructures

Our design goals for all infrastructure builds are:


Your cloud infrastructure can be rapidly scaled up or down to match demand and is designed so that you can minimise usage-based fees. Automation tooling enables you to provision servers and configure developer environments in seconds.


Your cloud infrastructure is built on good security practices and matches your IT security posture, be it medium or high. Encryption, user ID management, authentication, automated security testing, intruder detection and logging are all taken care of.


Provisioning, configuring, monitoring, testing and backups are all automated. When we hand over the system, you have the access and knowledge you need to manage all the day-to-day operations tasks without any input from us.


Your environments are located and replicated in the availability zones that best serve your end-users and fulfil any data sovereignty or compliance requirements. You’re using proven technologies that give you a dependable foundation for your operations.