SaaS Enablement

Running a SaaS platform can be complex and costly. By making good design decisions early on, you can avoid some of the common pitfalls other companies face as they scale up their businesses.

Over the course of two consultancy days with an experienced solutions architect, we’ll show you how to make the most of the AWS cloud for your SaaS product.

You’ll learn how to consider the performance and availability agreements you make with your customers, and how to design your cloud architecture to meet or exceed those targets.

We’ll show you how you can leverage cloud security features to protect customers’ data in a multi-tenant environment, and how AWS can help you meet compliance and regulatory goals.

We’ll offer advice on how to keep complexity under control as you scale up, how cost and operational overhead needn’t grow at the same pace as your revenues, and how you can continue to deliver new features quickly and safely at scale.

After the consultancy engagement, we’ll provide you with a customised architecture roadmap for your SaaS platform, describing how to get from your current infrastructure to a secure, scalable, and cost-effective future.

Funding programs are available from AWS to help cover the cost of this consultancy work.

Case Study: Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics is a SaaS vendor providing behavioral analytics and performance consulting services to equity portfolio managers. We’ve worked together on their cloud platform since 2017.

To satisfy their clients’ requirements for security, client data storage components are deployed on a one-account-per-tenant basis. Some components are deployed in a shared tenancy model to keep cost and complexity under control.

We make use of AWS Landing Zone and automation tooling to build and manage the platform, as well as AWS security features to limit access to data and keep clients’ secrets safe.

What Essentia Analytics said...

We’ve been continuously impressed with the expertise at The Scale Factory,

their keenness to understand our business needs and pressures, and help us pave the foundations for a step change in our capability to serve our clients