Hack Day

When we kick off internal projects, we’ve found it useful to pull together a small team of people to discuss the design, validate some assumptions by trying things out, and documenting our findings. Even if a smaller team goes on to deliver the project, everyone benefits from multiple perspectives being available at the outset.

In this consultancy package, we’ll visit you for a day and run a similar “hack day” with your technology team. We’ll agree a technology or business goal at the beginning of the day and work towards that goal as a team. This is a great way to kick off new infrastructure projects and for your team to learn new skills from experienced AWS users.


  • Experienced AWS consultants available for the whole day
  • Pair and mob programming approach to solving problems
  • Bespoke outcomes specific to your business needs


  • Learn from our AWS experts
  • Fun, highly collaborative learning environment
  • Tangible, usable results in a short period of time