Planning for

Disaster Recovery

On the surface, your application looks to be running fine, but do you know how you’ll respond if something goes wrong? Are you confident you can meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives?

To understand the risks to your system and develop a plan for disaster recovery, we perform a detailed review of your infrastructure and applications, assessing how these might behave in the event of:

  • Data corruption
  • Individual node failure
  • Network outage
  • Availability Zone outage
  • Full Region outage
  • Upstream service unavailability
  • Deployment failure

We catalogue every risk we find, and score them by likelihood and impact. We then discuss these risks with your business stakeholders and put together a plan for eradicating or mitigating the risks.

Where necessary we can make changes to your infrastructure, or design and rehearse new processes to ensure you can meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives.