Cloud Infrastructure

Assess & Optimise

Most clients approach us to review their infrastructure when there’s a problem: a security breach, data loss, excruciating response times. Besides fixing obvious issues, an infrastructure review can identify how you could cut costs and have a system that better supports DevOps practices. We can assess how scalable your system is, check how compliant you are with industry standards, and recommend ways to streamline processes and improve performance.

Assessing Your Infrastructure Against Best Practice

We assess your infrastructure against DevOps best practice and our industry standards. We consider all aspects of your infrastructure and how it’s set up, including:

  • Server provisioning and configuration management
  • Unit, integration and acceptance testing
  • Backup procedures
  • Security patching, security testing and intrusion detection
  • User ID management
  • Logging and reporting
  • Monitoring server availability and resource usage
  • Monitoring application performance data
  • Capacity planning.

Depending on what you need we may recommend that you also use one of our partners to conduct:

  • Load testing
  • Penetration testing

Optimising Your System To Match Business Priorities

We’re told we often ask unexpected questions when we assess infrastructure. Many of our questions are non-technical. They relate to your constraints, your budgets, your team, your proposed growth and how you operate. We need to understand where you want to go and what you value to recommend relevant changes that cut costs and make sure your infrastructure gives you value.

Trusted By AWS

We’re one of a handful of UK partners qualified to run reviews against the Well-Architected framework used by Amazon’s own field solutions architects.