Introducing our Support & Learning Subscription

31 May, 2019

Introducing our Support & Learning Subscription

I’m pleased to announce that today, we’re launching The Scale Factory Support & Learning Subscription.

Some History

When we started The Scale Factory in January 2009, cloud computing was still very much in its infancy. Back then we were building solutions in data centres, and on dedicated servers. We’d adopted automated configuration management (using Puppet), and seen that DevOps (a term coined later the same year) was a good way to describe the ways we were thinking about the work we were doing. In the same year, AWS launched VPCs and RDS, but this whole cloud thing still seemed new-fangled and risky.

Our first major deployment onto the AWS cloud was for an e-commerce customer in 2013. Since then, pretty much every infrastructure we’ve built has used AWS. Recognising that companies very often didn’t have their own in-house AWS or DevOps skills, we created ReadyScale, our opinionated reference architecture for stable, scalable cloud infrastructure. We deployed ReadyScale for a number of clients, helping them scale up as their businesses grew. In 2016 we adopted Terraform as our infrastructure automation tool of choice, and joined the AWS Partner Network as a Consulting Partner.

What’s Changing?

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen changes in the industry. The average developer is now much more capable of building things with AWS themselves, and they have more of an appetite for doing so too. Where customers used to be looking to us to build their infrastructure platforms for them, now they’re more interested in architectural guidance, and support for their teams.

Our Support & Learning Subscription is designed with those teams in mind.

Subscribers have access to chat online to our certified AWS solutions architects during UK office hours. Struggling with writing some CloudFormation? We can help. Troubleshooting some tricky security problem? We’ll invite you to a video call where you can share your screen and we’ll pair with you until it’s sorted. We won’t make you raise tickets, or put any hourly limits on our help, because neither of those things help get your problems solved.

If spending some face to face time with a solutions architect and a whiteboard would be useful, you can book surgery hours with one of our team either at your offices or ours. We’ll also pay you a visit every month to keep you up to date with new AWS services, and to talk about your upcoming plans and where we could help with those.

If you have a problem at any time of day that impacts the service you offer to your customers, you can sound the alarm and we’ll be on hand 24x7 to help you get things up and running again.

In addition, subscribers have access to The Scale Factory Academy series of training workshops at no additional cost to help teams advance their knowledge of the AWS platform and related tools.

We charge a base fee of £1,999/month, plus £375/month per engineer, with discounts available for annual commitment.

Get in touch when you’re ready to enable your team to deliver more.