AWS Infrastructures


You know that running a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform can be complex and costly. By making good decisions about the design of your infrastructure early on, you can avoid some of the common pitfalls other SaaS companies face as they scale up.

We’ve worked with a number of SaaS startups and established SaaS companies to design and build secure, reliable AWS infrastructures that support their business priorities and DevOps best practices.

Trusted by AWS

We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in SaaS Enablement, experienced in:

  • Building SaaS platforms that service multiple tenants who need to be securely isolated from each other
  • Minimising the overheads associated with provisioning new customer accounts
  • Designing infrastructures that support speedy container-based deployment pipelines.

We’re familiar with larger customers' requirements for services to be run in their own VPCs or on their own premises, how to balance this with the need to keep things simple for operations, and how to segregate individual tenants' data and understand resource usage on a per-tenant basis.

Already on AWS?

Relationships with many of our more recent SaaS customers have started with a free AWS Well-Architected Review. For some it highlighted how minor or more substantial changes to their architecture could save costs. For others, it identified bottlenecks and issues that could push up costs or jeopardise reliability and performance as they scaled up.

Funding is available from AWS to help cover the cost of some improvements recommended through a Well-Architected Review.

SaaS startup or ISV transitioning to SaaS?

Get your infrastructure right from the start. We offer a 2-day consultancy workshop with an experienced solutions architect who will show you how to make the most of the AWS Cloud for your SaaS product.

You learn how to:

  • Consider the performance and availability agreements you make with your customers and design your cloud architecture to meet or exceed those targets
  • Make the most of cloud security features to protect customers’ data in a multi-tenant environment
  • Meet compliance and regulatory goals with the help of AWS
  • Keep complexity under control as you scale up
  • Design so that your cost and operational overheads don’t grow at the same rate as your revenue
  • Continue developing and delivering new features quickly and safely at scale.

After the workshops, we’ll draw up a customised architecture roadmap for your SaaS platform, describing how to get from your current infrastructure to a more secure, scalable and cost-effective one.

Funding is available from AWS to help cover the cost of this SaaS enablement consultancy work.