AWS Infrastructures

Health & Pharma

“Compliance” is often given as a reason things can’t be changed or done more quickly in highly regulated industries like healthcare, biotech or pharmaceuticals. It’s seen as necessary, but limiting. In our work with companies in this sector, we’ve shown that needn’t be true.

We’ve designed infrastructures that satisfy high compliance regimes and information security standards, while at the same time improving efficiency and cutting overheads.

Compliant and agile

We make very careful choices in our AWS infrastructure designs for all our clients. We take the Security by Design approach, making sure that all the architecture choices we make support your compliance needs without adding unnecessary management tasks or hindering agility.

You can be confident that your AWS infrastructure will:

  • Enable you to scale and adapt quickly, irrespective of the compliance regime it needs to meet
  • Stengthen your security and compliance practices
  • Make security and compliance practices easier to audit and monitor
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Cut down on the number of people hours and reams of paper spent monitoring, reporting and managing processes
  • Support continuous integration and continuous delivery.

GxP and GAMP Compliant Systems

We have designed infrastructures that have passed audits for GxP and GAMP.

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