AWS Infrastructures


We’ve designed and built infrastructures for clients regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and those providing services to financial institutions around the world.

Just a few years ago, few thought it was possible to meet all the regulatory demands and use the public cloud in the financial services industry. Things have changed, and we’ve helped a number of clients who provide services to big banks, private investors and other financial institutions to meet high compliance needs and benefit from reduced overhead costs through AWS.

Compliant Cloud Infrastructures

It’s been shown that a well-designed cloud infrastructure offers the same level of data security as you would have with on-premise hosting. AWS cloud hosting services also offer significant savings and cost-efficient scalability when compared to on-premise.

For the most part, security comes down to good operations practices. Stable tools and resources plugged together in the right way and regularly patched and upgraded. However, for highly regulated industries, such as finance or insurance, they demand a little more thought and planning to comply with regulations. Especially if you want a system that doesn’t trade off compliance against agility.

Agility without compromising security

Our clients are now benefitting from secure infrastructures that support DevOps best practice. Those that have taken full advantage of this have also gained the agility that in the past was only possible in less regulated industries.

By coding security and compliance into your infrastructure, we make automated security testing part of your deployment pipeline.

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