AWS Infrastrcuture


For our clients in the entertainment sector, staying ahead or keeping pace with changes in the industry is relentless. An infrastructure that supports DevOps practices is a necessity.

The speed at which you can change and deliver new products is what differentiates you from the rest in this on-demand industry. The infrastructures we’ve designed for clients in this sector all support rapid production pipelines, responsiveness and high availability.

Setting The Pace With Continuous Delivery

On the back of our AWS infrastructure designs, our entertainment clients benefit from good DevOps practices:

  • Shortening change lead times
  • Building quality and security into app development and
  • Resolving issues quicker.

Creating time to innovate

A speedier production pipeline creates more time for your developers to innovate. And the automation of provisioning new servers and testing environments makes the production lifecycle swifter and the overheads involved less.

A platform that’s reliable and scalable

In our infrastructure builds for our entertainment client, we’ve made choices that give our clients high availability and excellent response times. Both essential in this industry. At the same time, they have the ability to deal with unexpected surges and scale their operations while minimising resource usage costs.