Fifteen million users and an international merger are challenging to any company. Add to that stringent data security requirements and a stated intention to “deliver technological innovation”, and the design of your infrastructure becomes even more critical.

The Challenge

LifeWorks is the result of a joint venture between UK company WorkAngel, and USA-based Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company. It’s a mobile employee engagement platform and for launch it needed an infrastructure that could support 15 million mobile users across the UK, USA and Canada.

Our Role

WorkAngel first contacted us at the end of 2015 to design and build an infrastructure that could scale to support their rapid growth and the launch of a new version of their application. Founded in 2013, by 2016 the London startup already had 1,200 UK employers (many of them household names) using their employee engagement system.

Midway through the redevelopment of their new infrastructure, they merged with a division of US company Ceridian. This brought with it new security requirements, such as encryption at rest for stored data and fully encrypted secret management for project management. Virus scanning, filtering of egress traffic, and second factor authentication for VPN and admin access also needed to be included. This was all worked into their ReadyScale platform design.

The Results

The reincarnation of WorkAngel as LifeWorks launched on the new AWS infrastructure in 2016. We continue to maintain and support their ReadyScale platform, and are currently fine-tuning their logging and alert system.