Web Technology


By involving us early in the redevelopment of their programmatic advertising platform, Admedo was able to develop and launch their application on a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. There were no delays, and as requirements shifted during development we were able to adapt their infrastructure as needed.

The Challenge

Admedo is a programmatic advertising management platform. The php site hosted on a single co-located server was fine for the Admedo startup, but as their client list grew, they decided to redevelop the application in Ruby on Rails. They wanted to do it on a brand new infrastructure that could scale and cater to a growing global client base.

Our Role

Admedo’s CTO contacted us in 2014 about designing and building a new cloud infrastructure. Work on redeveloping Admedo hadn’t started yet, but they knew what they wanted to do. Using the ReadyScale platform design we were able to design and build a foundation infrastructure that could be extended as the redevelopment progressed.

Although Admedo knew roughly what elements the final system would require, because it was a work in progress, requirements evolved during development. However, since we knew this from the outset, we designed the system to be adaptable. This meant that infrastructure didn’t ever delay the development process.

The Results

Because ReadyScale supports DevOps principles, Admedo has been able to benefit from continuous delivery, automated testing, log aggregation, monitoring and back-ups from the start. We continue to work with Admedo and to support and maintain their ReadyScale platform.