Salma Virk

Salma Virk

AWS Cloud Practitioner AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional AWS Certified Security Speciality Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Certified Kubernetes Administrator HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate

About Salma

Salma first learnt about the practicalities of complex systems as a third-line engineer at Deutsche Bank. She then took what she’d learnt and launched her own consultancy, working to improve IT workflows for a variety of organisations. Her work evolved as the cloud did, and after 13 years directing her own company, she switched to working full time as an IT consultant for The Scale Factory.

What Salma loves about IT are the problems. Not just fixing an issue but finding its root cause so that it doesn’t happen again. There’s never a dull day, because she firmly believes it’s impossible to know everything about everything when it comes to IT systems. There’s always something to learn. Which is why if you’re in London you may well run into her at a meet-up around new technologies.

Secure Communications

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